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Quick grammar lesson: boys are mellow; girls are Mella. That’s how the founders of women’s shoe line Mella cooked up their company name. Mella’s 2000 inception began with the goal to create footwear that embodied the two important style “c”’s. Chic and Comfort. Your toes will love you and the sunshine in a pair of Mella’s signature flip flops. Slip into a pair of basic flat sandals or a pair of wedges. No matter the style, Mella offers up a fresh take on this beach town staple. Get flip flops in basic solid colors, fun textures like velvet, or daring prints like Cheetah. They’ve since extended their collection to include children’s footwear and other classic styles, but Mella is best known for its closet bursting with flip flops. Their designs are both comfortable and stylish creating versatility whether you’re walking city pavements or sandy shores. Sit back, relax, and embrace a Mella state of mind.