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Bloch began as a provider of hand-made dance shoes for professional ballerinas around the world. Since its commencement in 1932, however, Bloch has become a leading brand in fashion footwear. This Australian company manufactures lovely embellished flats for women and girls inspired by the classic ballet shoe. While other brands of fashionable ballet flats provide poor foot support and make for a painful stride, Bloch’s authentic dance shoes are made with movement in mind. Blochs curve with the shape of the foot and offer support for the dancer’s natural arch. You will be prepared for any challenge in these shoes. Whether you are a true ballerina or you simply desire stylish flats that won’t hurt your feet, Blochs are the right shoes for you. Regular ballet flats and point shoes are available is a variety of colors and patterns, from classic fleshy pink to sassy red, sparkly gold, or animal prints. Varieties of the ballet shoe include the suede pointed-toe flat, which looks great with jeans, or the retro saddle-shoe, or the wedged ballet shoe. Jazz and tap inspired shoes are also available in classic black, iridescent, pink, and silver. And for the baby ballerina, Bloch has a line of cute toddler dance shoes. No matter what your age, Bloch shoes will bring out your natural elegance and grace.