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Audrey Brooke’s sleek sense of style, elegance, and femininity calls to mind the sophisticated grace of another individual by the same name, silver screen idol Audrey Hepburn. Like the glamorous movie star, these shoes have the ability to withstand decades of change while still remaining as fashionable as ever. Silky satin bows decorate ankle straps, playful ruffles cascade down the T-straps of heels, and whimsical rosettes adorn both flip flops and formal evening sandals, adding girly touches to each design. Tasteful ballet flats inspire a sense of aristocratic yet attainable style though they would look just as fitting on someone simply attending a casual luncheon with friends. Even the bolder color choices remain in the family of lipstick-inspired reds and pinks, maintaining the uber-feminine feel of the brand.

Slipping on a pair of Audrey Brooke shoes will have you transitioning from etiquette class to afternoon tea to a dinner at an exclusive restaurant, all with one simple look. Audrey Brooke’s collection with its delicate straps, manageable heel heights, soft color palettes, and subtle touches, eschew the idea of blindly following trends. They instead evoke a sense of style rooted in days when a woman’s clothing didn’t outshine her beauty, but highlighted it instead.

No matter which shoe you choose, each and every style is versatile enough to ensure that you can wear them for multiple seasons, for any event you attend. With the amount of sophistication present in every pair, these are shoes that are not going out of style anytime soon. All of these elements combine to create a brand that is truly worth your time and money. Choose Kelly & Katie, and you will be the friend with the style that everyone wants to imitate.

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