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A well known fashion truism: it’s a good thing to be known on a first name basis. Designer Adolfo Sardina, who the fashion world knows simply as “Adolfo”, got his start under the tutelage of designer Balenciaga. He eventually went on to create his own line, Adolfo, which features apparel, accessories, and men’s shoes. Adolfo says, “A person can look put together without appearing too rigid or too extravagant.” Adolfo specializes in men’s dress shoes, featuring loafers, lace ups, and slides. Regal in their overall design, his luxurious footwear incorporate bits of flair to bring a fresh, unique look. Using only the finest leathers and materials, Adolfo’s designs exude sophistication. For the man about town, a pair of Adolfo’s is sure to keep you stylish and classy.